Wefunder becomes first

And weve gotten a little bit of attention in the cryptocurrency sphere wefunder becomes first equity crowdfunding platform to accept bitcoin wefunder equity investment gets a bitcoin lift airbitz, bitpay, and wefunder leverage bitcoin and new us crowdfunding regulation so if you have a few bitcoins kicking around your wallet and are. Setl completes its corporate. And bitcoin center nyc.

Wefunder becomes first equity crowdfunding platform to.

Wefunder is among the few platforms offering the trifecta of crowdfunding investment offerings, reg d, reg a, and reg cf. Wefunder portal is a funding portal (crd 283503) that operates sections of wefunder. Wefunder becomes first equity crowdfunding platform to accept bitcoin were excited to share that you can now use bitcoin to invest in companies listed on equity crowdfunding platform wefunder.

Wefunder becomes first

Wefunder is the first equity crowdfunding platform to accept bitcoin, but its also an early leader in the regulated crowd equity space. Weve funded 75 startups with over 10 million from accredited investors. It just became a lot more dangerous to be a young woman in america.

Invest in wifigen - wefunder.

Wefunder is predicated upon the idea that anyone, regardless of wealth, should be able to invest in a company. We give everyone the opportunity to invest as little as 100 in startups. Is not regulated as either a broker-dealer or funding portal and is not a member of finra.

Wefunder becomes first

They began as a reg d platform open only to accredited investors, but were among the very first platforms to offer reg cf investments starting in 2016, and remain one of the largest. Wefunder collects up to a 7 fee based on your online funding total if your campaign is successful. Alan yong after.

Invest in startups you love - equity crowdfunding wefunder help save the american dream and invest in founders solving the things you care about. Of grandfathers and fathers and sons and mothers and daughters wearing their gang colors. Duo dex testnet.

Wefunder bitcoin - wefunder engineering.

Bitcoin is a waste. As of now, only accredited investors are legally able to fund startups, and these investors must put up at least 1,000 to have an equity share. Wefunder supports three different federal laws that allow startups to raise money legally.

Jane zuckerman crypto security. Wefunder doesnt charge you to set up a company profile, nor do they charge a fee to begin crowdfunding (previously, they charged a 195 fee to begin crowdfunding, but this has been eliminated). To comply with the law, wefunder advisors llc and wefunder portal llc (both owned by wefunder inc) also list startups depending on the regulation used.