Hodlers of last resort?

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Bitcoin, emotion, and hodlers of last resort.

If you always hit a brick wall when explaining bitcoin to friends and family then you may be in luck. But why are they wrong?

Hodlers of last resort?

These, my friend, are bitcoins buyers of last resort. Sights on legitimate.

The bitcoin hodler of last resort - the bitcoin knowledge.

Reddit bitcoin moderator theymos. And when that happens, well add more hodlers of last resort as the number of people seeking a plan b increases.

Hodlers of last resort?

Hodlers know that the bitcoin ecosystem without them would be virtually non existent. Over time, even the most conservative people will see the structural issues of the legacy finance system.

Not going away. Switzerland-based alprockz has selected.

Hodlers of last resort are insane bitcoin.

Hodlers of last resort might be accurately labeled are crazy based on their investment techniques. Who are the heroes that stop the drop in a bear market cycle?

A twitter user known only as pedro is developing a bitcoin-based board game called hodler of last resort. These, my friend, are bitcoins buyers and hodlers of last resort.

An indian couple is in a mountain of trouble for faking their climb to the top of mount everest. We have all listened to no-coiner acquaintances reasoning that, bitcoin is purely virtual, so the price could crash to nothing.