Hillary clinton lied when

Normally, wed like to focus on positive thoughts around the holiday season. By ccn hillary clinton slammed president donald trump and his cronies over the infamous drunk nancy pelosi video, calling it sexist trash. If you liked the video, please consider supporting our channel on our channel page! Hillary diane rodham clinton (born hillary diane rodham october 26, 1947) is an american politician, diplomat, lawyer, writer and public speaker. Hillary clinton every piece of legislation, just about, that i ever introduced (in the u.).

Hillary clinton lying under oath, clear grounds for perjury.

Ron paul share tweet. But with hillary clinton very recently using the tragedy of 911 to justify her ties to wall street, especially when those ties were well-established before that day, we found it necessary to analyze some other lies told by the presidential hopeful. Investors have already yanked 600 million from ackmans fund this year. Google introduces bitcoin. Hillary clinton schrieb sich im herbst 1969 an der yale law school in new haven ein, um rechtswissenschaft zu studieren, und wurde sogleich mitglied der redaktion des yale review of law and social action.

Hillary clinton lied when

Hillary clinton lying three times under oath before congress httpswww. Transition its husd token. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? She was first lady of the united states from 1993 to 2001, a united states senator from new york from 2001 to 2009, and the 67th united states secretary of state from 20. Hier machte sie den schutz der interessen von kindern und familien zu ihrem anliegen und verband dabei soziales engagement mit ihrer.

Hillary clinton lied when she called drunk pelosi sexist.

Hillary clinton tells us she is recovering from a mild case of pneumonia, but less than half of american voters believe her belated explanation of why she appeared to faint leaving a 911. Added subtitles on sept 20. Bitcoin just got even. Exchange built in go-lang. Clinton even suggested the incumbent presidents decision to tweet the pelosi video is evidence that he is running scared.

Hillary clinton lied when

One of our all-time great fact checks was the fact checkers march 21, 2008, report on hillary clintons false claim that she arrived in bosnia under sniper fire. Uk village is in lockdown as police hunt for an elvis impersonator believed to be armed and dangerous. Many of us remember the classic line from the seinfeld show, that its not a lie if you believe it. Jane zuckerman ai-based. Applying that theme to the evolution of hillary rodham, then hillary rodham clinton, and now.

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