Barclays opening crypto trading

Reports initially surfaced yesterday claiming that the bank was starting a trading desk based on information on several traders linkedin profiles. Idol the austrian post.

Barclays is talking to clients about opening a crypto.

Barclays talking to clients about opening a crypto trading desk barclays, the second-largest bank in the u. Share the litecoin association.

Barclays opening crypto trading

Barclays has eyes on opening crypto-trading desk by alex rathod accesstime 1 year ago chatbubbleoutline 0 british finance multinational, barclays plc, is carrying out research with its customers regarding opening a cryptocurrency trading desk for its customers, it has emerged. Is barclays opening crypto trading?

Barclays is reportedly not opening a crypto trading desk.

After confirming that duval and tyler are barclays employees, the spokesperson said that barclays has no plans to set up a digital assets trading desk at this time. It now appears that multinational investment bank barclays is not, in fact, joining the cryptocurrency markets through a crypto trading desk.

Barclays opening crypto trading

Barclays ceo jes staley has put an end to speculations that the uk bank will be opening an in-house cryptocurrency trading desk. Bank and traders offer differing takes two bank employees have been working on setting up a new cryptocurrency trading desk in barclays, one of the uks big four banks.

The bank was rumored to be looking into such a project in april when bloomberg reported that barclays was actively gauging client interest in a crypto trading desk. Subscribe to receive more videos for free.

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International investment bank barclays is reportedly testing the waters among clients as to whether to open a cryptocurrency trading desk. Thanks for watching !